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Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Treat Your Team Member’s Evenly?

Dentists are only people. It is hard for us not to have staff members that we enjoy more or who we favor.  Sometimes we will be more forgiving of certain staff member’s errors than others or get angrier at the transgressions of another.

Very few things can bring more disharmony to a dental team than for the dentist to treat the members with varying degrees of accountability, discipline or attention. No matter how difficult, the dentist CEO must be viewed by the staff as being even handed and fair to every staff member.

Favoring one team member only makes life more difficult for that individual as the other team members resent them. Uneven compliments or attention makes team members not want to give their best as it will not be fairly recognized. No one wins when the playing field is uneven.
Dr. Corey Gold
President - Advenced Continuing Education Systems

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