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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What are the most important things to have on your website?

This is an easy question for people familiar with web browsing habits. The most important things are the things you look for when searching for a restaurant, local store or gym.

Where are you located? Your potential patient wants to know if you are conveniently located. Put on your address! What shopping center or professional building? A MAP is perfect! What are located near (the mall, 24 Hour Fitness, super market, hospital). Write it out and show it - maps and pictures are great tools.

1                     What is your PHONE NUMBER?

2                     What are your office hours - highlight this if you are open weekends, early mornings or evening hours!

3                      Insurance is Welcomed!

These are the four most searched items when searching for a general dentist - where are you located, what is your phone number, what are your hours and will you take insurance!

All the rest is just extra stuff - remember they know what dentists do :)

Dr. Corey Gold
President - Advanced Continuing Education Systems

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Professional does not mean No Personality

I agree that all dental professionals should 'act professionally' but some dentists confuse that with acting in a sterile or cold manner. Our patients are more comfortable in our offices when we act like ourselves and show our personality.

This does not mean you run around acting like you would on a weekend away in Las Vegas but it means you should let your humor and caring nature come alive in your practice. You do not need to act cold and dead panned for your patients to take you seriously as a dental professional.

A survey of patients showed that one of the top reasons patients chose their dentist was their connection to them. They stated that they liked their dentist's personality and that of the staff. The survey also said that the lighter the mood of the office the less phobia patients experienced.

You and your patients will be happier when you relax, be yourself and let your personality come out in your practice.

Dr. Corey Gold
President - Advanced Continuing Education Systems