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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What are the most important things to have on your website?

This is an easy question for people familiar with web browsing habits. The most important things are the things you look for when searching for a restaurant, local store or gym.

Where are you located? Your potential patient wants to know if you are conveniently located. Put on your address! What shopping center or professional building? A MAP is perfect! What are located near (the mall, 24 Hour Fitness, super market, hospital). Write it out and show it - maps and pictures are great tools.

1                     What is your PHONE NUMBER?

2                     What are your office hours - highlight this if you are open weekends, early mornings or evening hours!

3                      Insurance is Welcomed!

These are the four most searched items when searching for a general dentist - where are you located, what is your phone number, what are your hours and will you take insurance!

All the rest is just extra stuff - remember they know what dentists do :)

Dr. Corey Gold
President - Advanced Continuing Education Systems


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  2. I agree, don't forget the most basic information. In addition to a few key layout issues, make sure your home page has a nice smiley face of a patient, AND include language that speaks directly to patients (e.g., what YOU will get, what YOU can expect from us, etc.)

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  3. I have been thinking lately about dentist websites. A dentist should show you how to smile when you meet with him. Most dentists do cosmetic work, they should help you with this part of your life as well.


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  6. knowing that insurance is welcomed at a dental office is very reassuring. When I think of all the many possible costs that may come with a visit to the dentist I always think back to my insurance coverage. I really like the fact that you point out that a dental website should show their acceptance of the different insurance types out there. This could really help many people who need to set up dental appointments.
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  7. I am looking for a dentist that will work with my new insurance plan. My work required me to change providers. I would like to find a dentist that has a play area for my kids to use while I am in my appointments. It would also be nice to have an Xbox in the waiting room for me to use while I wait for my kids.

  8. Things you have mention above should be included to the website of a dentist. Well every website dentist or not should put the basic like phone numbers, the office hour, address and other details. Well that 's what I admire to the dentist in mcallen they included all those things in their website. So they are more easily to find and contact.

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  15. I know that for me, I am not a huge fan of going to the dentist. I have tried to get my kids to love it, and so far so good. They love getting a new toothbrush, and if they are good, they get to pick out a prize. I am sure glad that they don't feel the way I did when I was little. I think that a lot of it, is the dentist.


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