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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Encouraging Referrals

Dental offices often spend tens of thousands of dollars a month in marketing efforts. While I am a big fan of external marketing for new patients, I am even a bigger fan of marketing for new patients INTERNALLY.

Nothing says more about the health of your practice than your office receiving patients from happy current patients!

Happy patients referring new patients should be the life blood of your business building efforts. I would spend lots of time and money in encouraging internal referrals and thanking patients who help build your dental business.

In my office we gave out Starbucks cards to our patients as a thank you for referring new patients. My patients loved them and my staff enjoyed sending them out. Very often my patients would bring me a coffee when they came for their visit and said they used the gift card we gave them.

Be creative. Find ways to thank your referring patients. Send thank you cards, gift cards, movie tickets, just do something!

Dr. Corey Gold
President – Advanced Continuing Education Systems


  1. Referrals are huge for any business that wants more customers, especially doctors and dentists! If you are really focused on quality and your customers know it, they'll recommend you. I think word of mouth is one of the biggest ways to get more business. http://www.norwooddental.ca

  2. That's a great idea to encourage the patients and other member for advertising their clinic. Such referrals can help them in any business and build their audience virally. Bitebank offer dentist social media marketing which can improve their brand name and even ROI of the company.

  3. My friend is having cavity problems and I am trying to refer her to my dentist. Maybe if she sees how healthy her teeth will become over time she will grow to love the dentist more. It is important to know where a good, trustworthy dentist is near you.


  4. I think giving out pens is good for marketing. I love getting those promotional items, and they are actually usable. The best pens I've ever had are the little weird ones that they had out at weird times and places. My favorite pen has my rival school's logo on it, but I still use it all the time. http://www.glecknerbruecknerdmd.com/services.html

  5. I have noticed an increase in dental offices doing these kinds of things. I was wondering why, but using it as a tactic to get referrals makes a lot of sense. I know I am more likely to give a referral for a dentist or any business that makes me feel like they care about me or offers cool perks. http://www.smilebetterdentist.com/meet-the-doctors/tour-our-offices/san-bernardino/

  6. Whenever I try a new restaurant that has great food and service, I always recommend it to my friends. I haven't thought about doing that with a dentist! For some reason, it hasn't struck me that dentists and others within the medical profession would need referrals as well. I will have to do that in the future! http://www.yassvalleydental.com.au

  7. That's completely true on how one of the best ways to publicize is by word of mouth. I'm actually in a new area and I am in need of some dental help. Do you know of a good place to go? I don't know many people around here or I would ask. Thanks!

    Lynn Chase | http://thumplocal.com/local/queens/dentists

  8. Whenever I need a new dentist, I always look for a personal recommendation first. I am glad that you encourage this with your patients because sometimes referrals can be hard to come by. I wish that more dentists shared your philosophy.


  9. I can understand why your patients referring you to new patients would be so good. If someone you know recommends someone, then that gives you a better idea of how good they are than a commercial or billboard can. I'm actually going to be asking a few of my coworkers over the next couple days if they have any dentist recommendations for me, since I'm relatively new in the area and haven't needed to find one before now.
    Andre | http://www.doctorben.ca/

  10. I agree that getting referrals is very important for dentists. I think that getting people to go to the dentist is very important. The dentist can help prevent little things from becoming big problems. Thanks for the information.

    Amber | http://www.oakvilledentist.com

  11. The word of mouth marketing is the best for a dentist.

    Family Dentist In San Antonio

  12. Referrals seem like a great way to bring in new business. They're also a great way to find good dentists. That's how I found my current dentist. One of my co workers recommended his dentist when I was looking for a new one. I'm so glad that I listened to him.

  13. People are very careful when it comes to choosing a dentist. A referral from someone they know and trust can be the most effective way to encourage them to sign up with you. It's free marketing, and it is the most successful type! Rewarding patients for referring friends can be a great way to encourage this.

    Claire Reynolds || http://www.bitedental.com

  14. For the most part dentists rely on referrals from their clients than the actual advertising. It works out better that way because the clients know how the service is and if they enjoy the care that they are receiving. I found that getting referrals is extremely important in lots of other businesses too because most times the people that get referred are really in need of the service and want to be a future client of a company.

    Zach Thalman | http://www.anydaydental.com

  15. Yes referrals are the best way to get clients. I have never gone to a dentist that I didn't get a referral from. However, I have always lived in the same place until about a month ago. I just moved and now I don't know who is a good dentist and so I will search the internet to find who has the best deals and reviews. http://www.drsusack.net/Cosmetic.html

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