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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quit Doing Procedures You Hate

I know lots of dentist who don’t like doing endo or oral surgery but continue to do these procedures for decades. My advice to you, for your happiness and your patient’s quality of dentistry, is for you to STOP doing procedures you do not like to do.

If you dislike a procedure I doubt you are taking a lot of continuing education in that area of dentistry. I doubt you recommend that procedure as much as you should when doing treatment planning. In general we do not do our best work when we are not happy or we are resentful.

I know a dentist who still does endo and they openly tell me they are not good at it. As a patient, I would prefer that you send me to another dentist who is good at it – I deserve that referral.

My advice, you have two choices when it comes to dental procedures you do not like to do; (1) get lots of continuing education in that area and get super good at it (you tend to like what you are good at) or (2) refer all procedures you don’t like doing or feel you are not good at to a specialist.

At the end of the day you will be happier and less stressed when you refer out the procedures you truly don’t want to do.

Dr. Corey Gold
President – advanced Continuing Education Systems


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