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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Morning Meetings

I am a big fan of having a short morning meeting before the day begins and the front door opens for patients. There are two major reasons I like these meetings.

1                  It is very valuable for the entire team to review the patients and the cases that are going to be walking through the door that day (I know many offices that have a morning meeting and a second meeting after lunch to go over cases). It is especially valuable to review difficult cases, unique medical challenges or other situations that might require special attention.

It is also a great time to make sure that all lab materials are in the office or any special equipment that might be required to complete a patient’s procedure (face bow, implants, CT scans, panorex, lab work, etc…).

It is also an opportunity to discuss any patients who might present a personality challenge.

2                     A second valuable reason for holding these short meetings is the team building aspects. It gives the team a chance to have a coffee or juice, to say hello and catch up. The day is about to get busy and everyone will be buzzing around – it is very nice to get everyone in one room for few moments and be a team.

Dr. Corey gold
President – Advanced Continuing Education Systems


  1. You're right, Dr. Gold. No matter how much of a bummer it is to have a staff meeting first thing Monday morning, it does help the team to prepare for the new week and to catch up with each other after the weekend.

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