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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How will 2013 be different for you?

When you made your New Year resolutions this year, were any of them about your practice? Did you resolve to learn new techniques, to grow your practice size, to be a better leader, to enjoy your office more? I know that I have made those resolutions. I think you should take your New Year practice resolutions very seriously and ACT on them right away. Don’t find reasons not to grow as a practitioner, leader and business owner. Growing and learning is fun and worth the investment. A recent survey of small business owners said that once they engaged in personal growth activities that their businesses grew one average 7 -10%. The business growth came from both the news skills being implemented but also from the increased attention and energy of the owner. What would a 10% increase in your practice sales and a happier practice feel like? Invest in yourself. Take courses in dental techniques, practice management or personal skills. Just because you graduated dental school does not mean that your active learning is over. Why not get geeked up and become better each year - a better dentist, a better leader and better business person. You might find that becoming the better you is also a happier and more fulfilled you! Dr. Corey Gold www.aces4ce.com

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