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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Make Changes Today

I like to think that January is more than just the first month of the year but rather a reset button.

A lot of times veteran offices seem to run on autopilot. Some months are stronger, some are slower but it is all pretty much running on its own. The staff does their thing, we do our thing and it just continues to run along in the same rut as yesterday. We can change our offices and personal patterns at any time but typically we do not – but at New Year’s many of us are open to making changes and to re-examining our patterns.

If you feel you are in a rut or that what you are doing is not making you fulfilled – then now is the time to make changes. Change your office, change your diet, change your weight, volunteer, become more spiritual – do things differently – be brave and make personal changes.

It is your life – reclaim it – change patterns that are not working for you and find ones that make you happy. Do it today!

Dr. Corey Gold
President - ACES


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