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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Set Your Own Goals – Don’t Let Your Goals Set You

I get a lot of questions around New Years from doctors wanting to set goals for their offices. The first things I tell them is that they cannot set their goals for their offices in a vacuum – that their office is a part of their overall life. They can only set their office goals in conjunction with setting their personal goals (family/travel/community service/religious/physical/office/etc…).

If someone tells me that they want to spend more time at home with family, more time in the gym, more time taking vacations but they also want to double their office sales – they are probably setting off on an incompatible course of goals. You can’t simply double your time allocation everywhere – you have a finite amount of time. We can make improvements to your office with the time you have – but to double sales takes a major effort that includes more time

When planning your goals for your office – figure out what you want your life to look like for 2014. Do you have high school tennis matches you want to watch for your kids? Soccer? Orchestra? Mommy & me? What things are important to you that supersede your office goals? Is it eating dinner at home with your kids? Is it Thursday night date night? Is it Wednesday bible study? Is it one hour in the gym with a trainer? Block all these important times out of your schedule!

Now look at your calendar – that is the time you have to open your office and make the practice magic happen. You might find that your available calendar does not provide the best opportunities to produce the income you desire – simply not enough hours to work. When you find your work calendar and your ideal calendar don’t mesh – look hard at what you will be giving up to gain more dental office hours. Is it worth it to make more income but miss dinner with the kids? Is it worth it to miss your kids tennis matches at high school? Only you can decide the answer to those questions. The one this that I do know is that you can always make more money – but you can never make more time.

Be wise in choosing where to invest your time in 2104.

Dr. Corey Gold


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