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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

ACT Like You

I know a lot of dentists who try to act like dentists. What I mean by that is that they believe that they need to modify their personality in the office to be more ‘doctor’ like. Instead of being themselves, they try to act in a manner that they think that people expect a dentist to act like.

I advise you to act like yourself! If you have a big personality and enjoy sharing jokes – be yourself. If you are quite and enjoy listening to music while you work – listen to music and be yourself. Over time you will attract patients who like YOU how you are.

It is no fun to try to have a personality that is not really yours. Joy comes from doing a profession you love and being yourself each day.

Dr. Corey Gold
President – Advanced Continuing Education Systems


  1. Dentist is common person, has emotion such as happy, angry, sorrow, glad. Professional dentist will be affected by these emotion during working. The role of dentist can not allow to be affected by those because dentist must promise patient safty in the process of dental surgery. Frankly speaking, it is difficult for dentist to ack lik himself.

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  2. Great article! I am going to forward this to the dentist that did my Lumineers Pleasanton!

  3. I love the fact that the dentist that did my daughter's Invisalign Sacramento it an extremely genuine person! She is a real person!

  4. I couldn't agree more! My Dentist is a perfect example of this!

  5. I completely agree. The 'generic doctor' personality is not fun to talk to at all in fact, it makes them really hard to relate to. The best is when you can find a dentist/doctor that you can talk to and they act like a normal person. I hope more doctors realize that their patient enjoys their visit more if they can have a normal, human conversation with you. http://www.hospitalspecialistdental.com.au

  6. I agree with this but as per my experience my family dentist he is freely person with his clients.

    1. Even my dentist in Westboro is also a genuine person. He is not doing any show-off.


  7. I agree with this. Even my dentist is also a genuine person.

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  8. Ya having a fun loving dentist is always a positive point, it really helps you relax during your treatment.

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