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Friday, June 20, 2014

Professional does not mean No Personality

I agree that all dental professionals should 'act professionally' but some dentists confuse that with acting in a sterile or cold manner. Our patients are more comfortable in our offices when we act like ourselves and show our personality.

This does not mean you run around acting like you would on a weekend away in Las Vegas but it means you should let your humor and caring nature come alive in your practice. You do not need to act cold and dead panned for your patients to take you seriously as a dental professional.

A survey of patients showed that one of the top reasons patients chose their dentist was their connection to them. They stated that they liked their dentist's personality and that of the staff. The survey also said that the lighter the mood of the office the less phobia patients experienced.

You and your patients will be more happy when you relax, be yourself and let your personality come out in your practice.

Dr. Corey Gold
President - Advanced Continuing Education Systems


  1. That's true. Sometime dentist gets confuse on how to react on the patients. Patient's always choose their dentist as per the connection and the comfortableness provided by the environment inside.

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  2. What a great idea! I love getting service that has a lot of personality. There is obviously a professional standard that needs to be lived up to, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun at the dentist. http://www.centennialdentalcenter.com

  3. It's true that acting professional is very important. I have learned that you can be fun and friendly and be professional at the same time. It definitely helps break the ice and helps you start trusting your dentist quicker. It shows that they know what they're doing and that they are open and friendly. It's good to look for that in a dentist.
    -Seamus | http://www.southpointedental.org/

  4. I can say that I completely agree with this, in regards to dentist especially. The warmer and welcoming there are, the less the clients nerves will stressed. I always hope that my dentist is like that. I get so nervous for the dentist.

  5. I agree. I prefer going to dentists that I have a connection with. I tend to not trust dentists that lack personality. I'm more likely to return to a specific dentist if they do their work well and if I like them.

    Deanna R. Jones | http://www.forestodentistry.com

  6. I completely agree. I love a doctor that has a distinct personality. I think a doctor can joke and laugh while still being professional. A lot of doctors think that in order to be professional, they need to be stoic and inexpressive. I usually go back to the doctors with personality, just because they make me feel more comfortable talking to them.

    Elisa Jed | http://www.jolydentalcare.ca/

  7. Agree with you that professionalism is more important than personality but if you are professional you must maintain your personality.

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  8. This is a great post! I agree they need to be positive and have a good sense of humor. I know when the dentist talks to my kids and tell humorous stories or anything my kids feel more comfortable.

    Ray | http://www.southshoreprosthodontics.com/services/

  9. I really don't like dealing with anyone who is overly serious. It's always fun to go to the dentist when he is a little bit more cheerful, and likes to show a bit more of his personality. The dentist's office can be a pretty tense place, but having that bit of cheerfulness can really lighten up the mood. http://www.secure-dental.com/

  10. I totally agree with your title on this post. I know so many people who think that being professional means that you can't have or show your personality. When I first graduated from college I also believed this thought. My dentist seems to be very professional and kind of boring to be honest. But I think he just being himself. He is a very good dentist though when it comes to making you feel happy and relaxed when there.

    Jessie | http://www.jamesjuliendds.com/general-dentistry

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  12. I am totally agree with you, we always prefer that doctor who has good Hi, Hello with us. Doctor's personality really matters allot and on the other hand staff behavior also checked by people. People always prefer that doctor who has a distinguish personality and have a good and friendly staff.

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  13. As someone who shops around for a dentist, I completely agree. I need a professional dentist so that I can trust that person to give me medical care. However, I also want a dentist I can enjoy seeing and talking to. It makes all the difference.

    Claire Reynolds || http://www.merchantdental.com

  14. I can definitely agree, a dentist can be professional and still have a personality. It's so much more awkward when you're at the dentist and they don't talk or try to make any kind of social connection. It's much more relaxed when they are kind and outgoing to their patients.
    Keara Littner | http://www.yassvalleydental.com.au/our-services

  15. I really like when my dentist has a personality. It makes the visit more enjoyable. My dentist tries to find common ground and then talks about that. It is good to know he cares and sees me as a patient and not just an object to work on.

    Zach Thalman | http://www.doctorben.ca/

  16. I really agree, nobody wants to go to a dentist who is always completely serious. If someone is striving to be professional they can still have fun, but know how to keep it within boundaries. Going to the dentist is never any fun, but if you can find a dentist with a good personality, it really relieves a lot of that tension. http://www.londonderrydentalcentre2.com

  17. When you are providing a service to people and you are right there helping them physically, you would think it would be the best for the professional to be personable. No one wants to see a person about their needs and have that person be mean to them. I hope I never meet a mean dentist.

    bryanflake1984| http://www.parkwestdental.ca/en/

  18. I think it's great that professionals can have a personality and a sense of humor. It's better that way, because if they don't then the whole dentist visit is a tad awkward. I like it when my dentist is friendly and interesting, and not just professional. http://www.cusmile.ca

  19. That is so true. I have only had a couple of dentist in my life because of that reason. Why switch when they are friendly and you feel like they are looking out for you? The dentist and staff are the best part about going there.
    Megan Jones http://www.joerosenbergddspa.net

  20. I agree that professional practices can have a lot of personality. I've been to quite a few offices like that and they've always been enjoyable. I'm actually looking for a new dentist right now and having someone with personality is really important to me. http://www.clearviewmarketdental.ca